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Rain Tree Gifts

826 East New Haven Avenue, Melbourne, Florida 32901, United States



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A Little Background On Us!

Melanie and Chris retired from careers in the Healthcare and Public Safety professions to pursue a dream in an area they both truly enjoy. "As professionals working in our other careers, we would see so much anguish that retail therapy would become one of the things that we enjoyed doing as a couple." Traveling throughout Florida, and visiting small and Historic towns was somewhat a release from their daily grind that their interest in one day owning a shop in a Historic setting began to grow. "We would see so many cool things and visited so many great mom & pop shops that we thought, how awesome would that be to bring our own ideas toghether and create something totally unique?!" So, in 2016 the opportunity presented itself. "We were approached by the owner of Rain Tree Gifts who offered us the opportunity of a lifetime!" They purchased the already established gift shop in Historic, Downtown Melbourne, Florida with a quest to make it their own. Since then, the shop has undergone some major changes. We wanted to bring in something for everyone, things that you would'nt find next door or down the street. Unique products that are fun, interesting and could give you a few laughs at the same time..." Melanie and Chris support our Military, Veterans and Public Safety Professionals. "We love to support Veteran Owned Companies and products made in the USA. We always seek new ideas and new products to keep it a fun place visit, or to just pop in and say hello." Where does Rain Tree go from here? "Only time will tell... Visit us at the MOST Eclectic Shop to EVER Hit Downtown, Melbourne!"

Our Local Dispensary

Are you a Florida MMJ card holder, have questions or see if you qualifiy? We're proud to have partnered with VidaCann to help you get to that next level. Conveniently located at 1663 Georgia Street NE, in Palm Bay. Visit them online or in person today!

VidaCann Dispensaries
VidaCann Dispensaries

Our CBD Testimonials

Theresa S. -

CBD Oil Gave Me My Life Back - I have suffered from debilitating back pain for years and have taken pain pills reluctantly and sparingly, resulting a life spent laying on the couch. The Pulse CBD oil has completely relieved my pain and I am now active and have my life back! I highly recommend it for pain relief.


Carol S. - 

I was totally wary and against all things CBD... However, after my teenage daughter was diagnosed with stress-induced seizures; my feelings have changed. Unfortunately, she didn't react well to prescription seizure meds. Several months ago, I truly was at my "wits end" and decided to try CBD oil. I needed to find help for my daughter.  Chris and Melanie were so VERY patient with me and all my crazy questions. They listened to my daughter (even though she's only 14) and treated us both with so much kindness, respect and dignity! Yet, they didn't pressure us at all. They explained CBD oil and we decided to try it. It's been a few months now, and I've seen such an improvement! She's still having some seizures (she has Absence seizures), but they are much fewer and don't last as long. Her stress levels have gone down, and she's smiling again! She still has her moments but...well, she's a teenager! lol   THANK you Chris and Melanie for your support and for introducing us to Pulse Oil. We'll keep popping in to visit and share our story with you. Oh, and for hugs! Those are freely given!! 


Dana L.

CBD daily has greatly helped my pain in hands from arthritis ! Telling all the non believing people about it, thanks again!


Shari R.

I went into the store a few times ands asked a million questions about the CBD oil. I am sure I made Chris and Melanie crazy. So I enter again and get to trial the CBD oil while I was there. I was already hooked by that time after I had researched for days. So I bought the Pulse tincture and started that night, I take it in the am and in the pm a few hours before bed, My back, hips, shoulders and knees are like new. I have been a nurse for 30 years and your body aches after physical work for all those years. No more Advil in the am to start the day. I sleep great and have loads of energy in the day. I am a firm believer and will not stop taking the CBD oil in fear of feeling old and achy again. Great job Chris and Melanie. I send everyone I know your way!  The store is fabulous. I spend hours looking at all the great things it has to offer. So glad they are in Downtown Melbourne.